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It’s up to you to understand who you can cover under your medical, dental, vision, and other benefits. Be sure to review the information below before you enroll in coverage.

  • All regular full-time employees averaging thirty (30) or more hours per week are eligible. Part-time employees have access to medical, dental and vision fixed indemnity plans outside of the Aon Exchange through Aetna.
  • Eligible dependents include your spouse and your natural children, stepchildren, and adopted or foster children. Unmarried children of any age who are incapable of self-support due to a physical or intellectual disability and who are fully dependent on you are also eligible. Dependent children may be covered through the end of the month of their 26th birthday for the medical, dental, and vision plans and life insurance coverage.
  • No other person qualifies as a dependent, including a parent who resides with you.
  • You must elect to enroll or waive coverage.
  • Seasonal, temporary and intern employees are not eligible.


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