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Pay Now or Later?

It’s a trade-off. It’s up to you to choose which option gives you the best value on your total health care costs.

Would you rather pay less now and more when you need care? Or pay more now and less when you need care?

Pay Less Now

The Bronze Plus and Silver coverage levels typically cost less per paycheck, but the deductibles are higher. That means you’ll pay more out of your pocket when you need care.

Make sure you know how the deductible works for each coverage level. Also, make sure the deductible amount is something you could afford in the event you need a lot of health care.

TIP: You can save money for out-of-pocket medical expenses (on a pre-tax basis) by enrolling in an HSA if you enroll in a Silver coverage level.

Pay Less Later

The Gold and Platinum coverage levels cost more per paycheck, but your deductible is lower. It could feel safe to purchase a plan that you won't have to pay a lot for when you use it, but if you don't expect to have a lot of health care needs, you'll spend more money per paycheck for benefits you may not use.

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